An ode (to 2018 and music)



Well, it is almost the end of March. Three months of 2019 in the books and yet, I have not done the 2018 Year in Review post. And, this is still not it. There may never be. Don’t get me wrong, 2018 was fabulous! Full of time with family, weddings, cats, friends, and music. All good! So good that I just couldn’t slow down once to capture it here. Scroll the my IG if needed, but the 2018 Recap just will not exist. Try as I may, it’s just not in the cards yet.

What I do know for sure is that 2019 is all about live music. So much live music this year. Most planned ahead. Some out of town. Some local. Some pop. Some rock. All of it is representation of what we love. A slight recap before thinking of the future…

January: Aladdin, the Broadway production with Abby and Steve. Literally the most dazzling show I’ve ever seen (the Cave of Wonders sequence was pure magic!). I debated with Adam if this counted as a valid entry for this year’s record of live performances to which he gave me two thumbs up and a “uh, duh!”.

February: I am not a huge fan of Kurt Vile, but Adam is and it honestly made an easy birthday gift for him! However, I do enjoy his opening act, The Sadies. They’ve collaborated with a variety of people and bands are a solid rock/folk/blues group from Canada. I always feel like when we see performers from Canada, it’s like a homecoming. Being so close to our neighbors from the north (or south if you’re here?), we have a decent Canadian fan base. The Sadies have a song with Kurt Vile, which they of course performed live and it sounded hearty.

March: Cleveland rocks. Drew Carey has been right all this time! Stayed in the neighborhood of Fremont in an apartment with Tara and Matt. Bar hopped, saw a Grateful Dead cover band, bought frozen pizza and cheap beer from a 24/7 Walgreens, went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… and bucketlist concert crossed off the list: MUMFORD AND SONS! I’m listening to them as I type because I’m a major dork and am still on a bit of a concert high 3 weeks after seeing them.  Cat Power opened.  She was lovely and Marcus came out and strummed a few tunes with her. But, once he and his band took command of the stage, it was surreal.  And the audience was so receptive. I haven’t experienced a crowd so in tune, so enthralled with a band since seeing U2 in Chicago at Soldier Field in 2009!  That has always been the concert that set the bar for me, but Mumford and Sons… it’s a tough call.




I feel I need to retroactively go back to the Fall of 2018 and also recognize the acts I’ve seen to add to the streak we are having…

Sept) Bruno Mars

Oct) Elton John

Nov) Brian Setzer Orchestra

Dec) Stars

And what lies ahead…

April) Muse with Walk the Moon … and Ariana Grande

May) Florence and the Machine with Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats???

June) (this is ridiculous…) Coheed and Cambria… Death Cab for Cutie with Jenny Lewis… The National with Courtney Barnett… Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Eat World, with RaRa Riot… Young the Giant, Fitz and the Tantrums with Coin

July) Dave Matthews Band

Sept) Live, Bush, Our Lady Peace ???

There may a few in between those still to be decided. But it’s fair to say this is a lot to take in. We’re up for the task!

So, stay tuned! Updates to come throughout the year (or may January of 2020 <or maybe not at all?>)

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