Thanksgiving 2017 is upon us. There is no school today, Adam just left for work, and the cats are cozied up on the opposite couch from me. Before a traditional night of hanging out at bars with our best friends, my plan today was to get caught up on “my shows”. In quotes because that’s how my Grandma used to refer to them. My guilty pleasure, a soap opera. General Hospital has been part of my television watching life for as long as I can remember. GH, as fans call it, has had most of the same cast since I was about 10. I’ve grown up with these characters. Their beautiful smiles and trendy fashions can display shallow and annoyingly dimwitted characters. The acting is  typically a “B” at best and the storylines get more hair-brained than the last as time goes on. Most recently, one of the main characters from the 90’s, Jason Morgan, died “but the body was never found”. With five years gone by, he’s “returned to life”, *spoilers* (even though his twin brother had taken his place in the community and his family, renewing vows with his wife and fathering a child with her, befriending all of Jason’s friends, thinking he was actually Jason, all the while not knowing he was a twin because crazy Heather Webber is at it again, covering up the fact that there were 2 babies back in 77, not just 1, so it was “easy” for her to switch them?) *end of spoiler* and is now trying to reconnect with those whom he loved most. His friends, his mother, children, and his wife. Those people he had a true connection with and shared a life with.
*If you’ve read to here, please stick with me, there’s a point and I’m almost there*
Occasionally, GH has a storyline I’d grade “A-“. Occasionally, I have empathy for what’s going on and can relate to whatever the drama of the month is. Monday’s episode was one of these occasions.
Actual, original Jason is known to be back in town and some people are not buying that he’s the original. Some are siding with his twin while others instantly know Jason is Jason… A typical day in the life of a Port Charles resident.
Monday’s episode featured Jason reconnecting with Michael, his best friend’s son, who he treated like a second father while he was growing up. Michael and real Jason had not seen each other in person since he’s returned and to be honest, both are characters I like and have “known” for over 10 years. As the audience, knowing he’s really Jason, and knowing the hurt and pain Michael had gone through and overcome in the last 5 years since his “death”, the moment they were able to meet eye to eye and have a gut feeling that real Jason was in fact back, something dawned on me.
I know it’s a Soap and this is extremely far fetched and improbable, but I couldn’t help but wonder, what would I do if someone I loved who is no longer with us just casually walked through the door? Not just a “someone”, more than just a “someone”. Family. How would I react? In going back to GH, some characters gasp, clutch a chair, and are almost faint, others instantly cry and hug the person, others are in complete denial. What would I do? What would others do? What would they do?
This whole fantasy is just that. A fantasy. It also may be spurred on by a dream I had Sunday night of my late Papa. It may be because while I was watching this whole storyline I imaged my late Grandma’s reaction to what’s going on with Jason by saying “Oh, fooey!”. The holidays are also here and that’s always a time to reflect and think about the past, memories and moments comprised with holidays of the now missing, and a pinch of heartache knowing how the present and future will always be different without loved ones we can only think of.
This took a major turn, sorry! I needed to take advantage of this morning and write. So, dear reader, if you’ve made it this far, I thank you! I have a feeling many were checked out on line four and that’s okay. I guess the point of this whole thing was to remind us it’s okay to remember. Holidays and celebrations, the good times and the bad. The life of those we’ve loved and lost. I think about my grandparents constantly, but more often during the holidays. I struggle to recall their voices and that upsets me. I’ve also been thinking of my uncle nearly every day. His voice is still fresh in my head.
Hug your loved ones just a second longer. Say those 3 little words if you feel them. And because there’s always music in my head, here’s a song to end this on.
thankful-quote-hd-wallpaper-2015Happy Thanksgiving and always have an attitude of gratitude ❤

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