Rock on, young savior, don’t give up your hopes!

There’s really no way to encapsulate just how I felt last night. It wasn’t just hanging out with some friends. It wasn’t just seeing a cool band. It wasn’t even the fact that we had our tickets upgraded for free (HOWEVER that was amazing!).

Somewhere between “Big Casino” and “Lucky Denver Mint”, I had the immense feeling of pure joy and a full heart. Our friends are our family and the lot we were with last night consisted of friends we’ve had since 7th grade. Michael Crosby, I am so glad that my locker was a bitch to open all of 7th grade and that you pretty much opened it for me each and everyday. Dayne, I’m not only glad that in 7th grade homeroom we found it funny that our moms were friends when they were in 7th grade, but also that we clicked from the get go and just got each other… Look where we are now! High school introduced Jason, Ryan Ferrante in senior year. And that was it. My nerd friends, my best friends, my brothers. You’ve all been there for me in times of need, in times of my greatest happiness and in my day-to-day. Being an only child, I often feel that the universe must have known to keep things that way and that you all would be instrumental parts of my life.

Back to the music! It’s no secret. Live music is by far one of the reasons I am glad to be alive. Last night was long overdue! A 24 song set list, with a sprinkle of new songs, dash of a Christmas song, was perfection!  Songs we have sung together on road trips to the cottage and to Lake MI for camping trips. Songs that are staples in our Rock Band nights. So many songs that we know all the words to and can scream/sing in unison. And to be there with all my bros, my husband, my best friend, old friends, and new friends, I had one of those moments where I honestly knew this whole night was a big deal and I took a step back to take it all in, savor it, and may have shed a tiny tear during the chorus of “For Me This Is Heaven”.

Concert highs are exhilarating and I hope we have more nights like last night. Here’s to a minimum of 20 more years of our Friends Family! My 12 year old self would be so impressed with us, while my future 52 year old self would appreciate nothing more.

My last #thirtydaysofthanksgiving post. November 2016 was wonderful!


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