Plans are Made to be Broken

In truth, I want to write more often. At times, the idea of saying I’ll write or having a list of ideas and topics… it’s just a farce. Maybe I believe having these so-called writing plans will drive me to actually sit down, organize my thoughts, and provide the therapy my restless brain needs. These “plans”, they never work out.

To the teachers I promised to write about: words of praise and thankfulness have been shared before. You know who you are and I do appreciate all you’ve done. Sorry for not following through. However, I just haven’t had my Writer Hat on lately.

Tonight, after a busy day of kindergarten, ice cream, chicken wings, and getting caught up on frivolous TV, I find myself with the time, alertness, and many thoughts needing to be expressed. So, lucky reader, despite what you may have had planned this evening, somehow you found yourself here with these words of mine. Welcome!

Thus far in this blog, I’ve been able to be vague and yielding when it comes to actually writing about my personal life. However, it has become increasingly difficult to stray away from one word that keeps creeping up all around me lately. Perhaps not “all” around me. There are many pleasant people I come into contact with each day. Some I know just as an acquaintance, some I adore, some may dislike me. But a very minuscule amount of people in particular have just been getting under my skin more than usual and despite taking the “Kill em’ with kindness” approach, their relenting need to be rude is suffocating. Rude. That’s the word and that’s what they exude. Unfiltered, unjust, and just plain ignorant rudeness.

Frequently, when one is described as “nice”, that usually means that’s really their only redeeming quality. But what do you say when “nice” is not an option anymore? If you flat out say “rude”, well, that makes you seem like the rude person. There really is no way of putting it in an honest and polite way though.

The new Lumineers song “Ophelia” may not necessarily be about rude people. I’ve heard it maybe a half-dozen times and really haven’t taken the time to actually listen to it. The tune itself though, that’s how the rudeness makes me feel. Rushed, bold, dismissive, and allows me to get some pep in my step and continue about my day. Oh how I wish this had a similar function as MySpace where I could add a few songs to my page and force you to listen to them as you read! “Ophelia” would be number 1, followed by “Golden Slumbers” by the Beatles, “My Father’s Gun” by Elton John, and something by The Strumbellas.

Recently, I discussed how much I appreciate Sly and the Family Stone’s Everyday People. I think I need to listen to that more often. As a reset button. As a way to remember that nobody is perfect, not even myself. As a way to just know this is all temporary and that rude people will come and go. Focus on the things that are real and have true meaning to my life.

Que sera, sera! Field trip day tomorrow and then a 4 day weekend ahead! Time for sleep, to reset it all and start anew in the morning.

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