Spring Fever

“a feeling of restlessness and excitement for the season of spring.”

Maybe that explains the business that was this past weekend. As per usual, there are photos, cause you know, every picture tells a story. I’ll try to limit my long-windedness today and just explain the pieces missing. This story actually beings with last Thursday.

After getting dinner with my parents Thursday, the cats decided to bathe each other on the couch, on my lap. Friday was the first day I actually felt true warmth from the season. It was beautiful! The set of Once was a bar and it was a functioning bar during intermission. Saturday was action packed! Took Prince to the vet, came home and had lots of school work to do, saw the new Harley and had dinner with the Whitford’s, followed by Bob Jo’s! Took a rest with the cats before heading out for Pam’s birthday. Spent Sunday finishing school work then saw The Jungle Book. And finally, today, Rachel tried saving a stray dog while William tried saving his face from boogies with the tissues.

Busy weekend, but very good! I hope you are also able to keep busy and enjoy all this sunshine. Winter wasn’t that rough this go-around, but who knows what next winter will bring. Enjoy the now!

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