Not even a sound on the streets of New York, just the beat of my own heart.

Ordinary and dynamic. That’s how I’ll describe today. Ordinarily dynamic. Awoke to news of a great artist’s passing. Today the wonderfully dazzling, always noticed, and poshly confident David Bowie’s life came to an end in the wee hours of the morning. He is reported to have been surrounded by his family and had been struggling with a cancer for many months.


As a fan of music of all kinds, (except country), this news was sudden and hard to digest. However, I think I surround myself with like individuals. As petty as it sounds, it was heartwarming to see and hear all the posts from various people I follow regarding Bowie’s musical excellence and talent. All praise, messages of peace, and above all else, a connection to the music. My day of David being listening to Classic Vinyl on SiriusXM radio. By good luck, I got to hear the beginning of one of my favorites, Heroes. Listened from start to finish and as I was nearing work, the DJ had some lovely things to say. My students began their day listening to his Greatest Hits on shuffle. Unbeknownst to them, they were listening to a legend. Lunch consisted of reading articles and reviews of his latest album, which came out just days ago. The drive home included China Girl and Ziggy Stardust. And this evening, I decided to listen to his latest single, Lazarus. The music video was released 3 days ago and many are saying it was his known goodbye to fans. The video is a bit eerie but, as all things Bowie, artistic and emotional.

David Bowie existed at time a generation was struggling to find an identity. By existing unlike others before him in the spotlight, posing as the most nonhuman human, masquerading as a being from the stars, he was easy for people to relate to and despite his loud physical presence, he let the music drive his arrogant, flashy, self.

On a completely different note, I began watching The Mindy Project. The classic “will they, won’t they” story line gets me every single time. Hook, line, and sinker was impact of the narration. I truly love being told stories. I enjoy hearing about the human experience, no matter how ordinary it may be. The last episode of season 2 is a play on the film, You’ve Got Mail, which is very dear to my heart. So much so, that even though The Mindy Project is mostly about Mindy and Danny, I couldn’t help but picture Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. In order to lift my creative spirits, I’m currently watching You’ve Got Mail.

Just as writing and music are therapy, movies I love also help mend whatever is in pain. I’m not sure if it’s the familiarity of characters, the musical cues, or even the classic story of “will they, won’t they”, but it does the trick. I have a list of movies I can “watch” in my mind’s eye, exact from memory. This Nora Ephron classic, The Wizard of Oz, That Thing You Do, and Almost Famous top that list. I know all of them like the back of my hand. Quotes, music, set designs, facial expressions… it’s all cemented in my head and heart.

David Bowie, Mindy Kaling, and Nora Ephron are all linked in my head. All contributed to their craft and had great passion for it. My hope is that what I do, teaching and influencing the future, comes across as my passion. I love what I do and hope I am doing it well. I hope one day someone will remember me as being a fine teacher and think their time with me was special. I strive each day to ensure the safety, happiness, and education of kids through song, dance, lessons, and real life logic. If just 1 of the many students I come in contact with remembers me this way, it’ll all be worth it. I’ll know my great passion was perceived accurately.

So, here’s to all of you who’ve found your muse. And if you are still looking, that’s okay too. Just keep searching. It’s out there.

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