Life After Utah

So, clearly my plan to write more this past Summer was a major failed experiment. I really have had the time, just not the drive I suppose. Bullet points until I can touch on what I actually need to express this  cold, rainy, November evening.


August: We had many days spent at a lake somewhere in Michigan. Camping, cabin trip, road trips,… every bit of the end of Summer 2015 was wonderful!

September: Concerts galore!!! Young the Giant, Weezer, Coheed and Cambria! It was a good time for live music. Also, getting back into Teacher Life was not that bad. Waking up early was/is tough, but I’ll survive!

October: Vacation, Celebrations, and Halloween! We had the best time out West with family for Marci and Brian’s wedding, followed by a few days/nights in Las Vegas. When we returned, it was time to celebrate my 31st followed by Halloween! October went by so quickly, however it was probably the best October of our married life!

November: After 12 years, my VW Beetle has been replaced! I have had such a great time driving around in my new Jeep Patriot. I can’t wait to feel safe in Winter!


Work has been great! My students this year are so fun, loving, smart, and so kind to each other. I really am thankful for them. It’s like the universe knew I needed a break after last year’s “Perfect Storm” of a classroom!


A highlight of 2015, and probably of my adult life, was our time spent in Zion National Park in Utah. I know, Hawaii was a fabulous place to visit and the sights on The Road to Hana will be forever memorable… black sand beaches, waterfalls, rainbow bamboo trees, humpback whales!!! All amazing in their own way. But I guess I just wasn’t prepared for Utah.

Landing in Las Vegas was a unique experience. A whole city bustling with all kinds of people and the vibrancy of creatures all around while being surrounded by a desert landscape… unique for sure. Driving from Las Vegas, through Arizona, then into Utah… bleak, hot, arid, and boring. As we got closer to the park, glimpses of red rock mountains appeared and then, like a wave forming in the middle of the sea, the enormity of Zion’s topography took my breath away. My dad said it best, and keeps repeating, “I didn’t think I’d like Utah, but I guess I do!”. I’m amazed that they allowed me to drive though the curvy road, through tunnels, and on the edge of cliffs, however, nobody knew what was in store so I guess they had no choice!

Night one was filled with family! I’m so glad we shared a house with Uncle E, Sarah, an Casey. After cocktails and hanging with the rest of the family, we put on our swimsuits and relaxed in the hot tub under the darkest sky that was sprinkled with the most dazzling stars I’ve ever seen. The Milky Way was so prominent.

Day two started with a hearty breakfast followed by a Family Hike into the park. Again, we had no idea what was in store for us. And, again, it was beyond words. I’m really proud of us all for trying and completing the hike. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before! After getting back to the house and cleaning ourselves up, it was time for the wedding.

Marci and Brian’s wedding had the most magical air about it all day at all locations. From the hike, to helping the bride get ready, family pictures, pre-wedding cocktails, to the mountain view ceremony, followed by a charming barn reception, it truly was one of the best events and days I’ve had in my adult life.

The next 4 days following the wedding, we spent our time exploring Las Vegas! We tried to do as many of the touristy things we could and really had a wonderful time with my parents, Sarah and Casey.

One of my favorite things about vacation is the high you get when you come back. The willingness to share details of your last few days of life. The eagerness to just brag about all you’ve done and all you’ve seen.


Looking back, I think I even knew at the time that this trip out West was needed, will be a favorite, and will be held close to my heart.


Enough for tonight. Bed is calling my name and I think the only way to really clear my mind is with some Sleepy Time Tea, The Smiths, and Pavel Catsyuk.

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