10 months of 30

Hello and welcome to my first post/ entry/ blog/ installment. I guess I’m a little closer to 31 than 30, however better later than never. I’ve kept a journal of some sort in my life since I was eight years old. Paper to pen was good enough back in the 90s. However, as I grew up and got my first computer, typing

Today's lunch destination, Hopcat!
Today’s lunch destination, Hopcat!

became a faster way for me to do one of my favorite things, write! I kept this passion through college and persued my BA in English, knowing full well a lot of my time would be spent typing. Even now to this day, with two weeks remaining of my grad program, writing is still something I find pleasure in even if it’s for homework.

If you are connected to my life by being more than just a Facebook friend, you’re aware that this is not been the easiest year, personally nor professionally. It would be really easy for me to use all of the things that have happened as an excuse or a scapegoat in hiding from the world. It’d be so understood and nobody would question me. Accept a life filled daily with reminders of negativity and sadness and a bleak future… It’d be so easy to do. But, thankfully, that’s not my style. Instead, I’m taking the higher road. I’ve been waking up each day more aware than ever of how precious life is and can be. I live each day by trying to find the positives in everything. And at night when I go to sleep I think of people in my life who fill my heart with joy. Too many things can happen in the blink of an eye. Too many negative things are always possible all the time. Some can cause pain, headaches, heartaches, hurt, and those feelings are just no good for anyone. However, in thinking of all of the horrible possibilities, one needs to remember all of the amazing possibilities. Despite everything that is happened in the last 10 months, a lot of good things have happened too. Weddings, engagements, babies, and just enjoying the company of my loved ones. Starting yoga, having the best year career wise, and truly enjoying the people in my life… All the positivity that surrounds me is abundant and I am thankful for a full heart.

Good intro. for now. More to come soon. Feeling very inspired and ready to embrace my inner writer this summer!

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